I was the field producer in Aleppo for this Nightly News spot on those returning to Aleppo following years of war and those still too fearful for their lives. A challenging, fascinating story to work on. August 2018

From May 2018, I was field producer and cutting producer for this spot for the Nightly News

I was cutting producer for this fun day-of spot for Nightly News in December 2017.

A report for Nightly News I field produced ahead of the Dutch elections in March 2017.

A breaking news piece I worked on as cutting producer for Nightly News February 2017.

Thousands pack up their lives, their families, their cattle, to escape violence in South Sudan. Self-shot and edited in the field. 

A report from a conservancy in Kenya home to the last male northern white rhino on the planet, and the last ditch efforts to save this fading species. Self-shot and edited.

Breaking story of inter-religious violence in a remote area of Central African Republic. Self-shot and edited.

With few resources, a fire department has to improvise to protect a city of four million. Self-shot and edited.

A report of destruction and displacement in the Gaza Strip during an Israeli military operation in July 2014.